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why is it that everyone can be an asshole towards me and that’s perfectly fine but the minute i have had enough and act like an asshole its all of a sudden not okay

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Chris Dancing Pine

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from reading fanfiction, it’s that clear communication will save you at least three chapters of angst.

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you want a man with a strong jawline so you have a sturdy place to sit

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This is possibly my favorite thing that’s ever been trended on twitter

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Dresses are so nice they’re just tubes of fabric you can throw on with very little effort and when you wear one and people are like “oh wow you dressed up you look really nice” but it’s like

ah yes my disguise is working. you think i cared this morning 

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im really jealous of people who can accept themselves and be confident and actually like how they look because it fucking kills me looking in the mirror and just wanting to cry and crumble into little pieces

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cuddling is so perfect when you think about it because you get really close to someone you love and it’s like saying “hey human, theres a lot of humans in the world but you’re my human and i love you”

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